15 lb Closed Loop Extractor – Sub Zero Nitrogen Assisted Rack Mounted INTEC BHO


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The XTR-15 sub zero closed loop extractor by Intec Engineering Inc.

FREE 24/7 emergency support with every closed loop

Technical Specifications:
– 150lb Stainless steel solvent delivery/recovery tank with 1/4″ liquid delivery and vapor valves with a true 1/2″ recovery valve
– Mounted solvent tank holder with drain
– Double sided fully welded stainless steel rolling rack
– 8″ x 36″ Mounted dry ice material column with hemi lid , dual sight glasses , dual 1/4″ valves and a compound gauge. The bottom of the material column has an 8″ filter plate kit above an 8″ x 2″ hemi leading to a 3/8″ liquid transfer valve
– 12″ x 36″ Fully jacketed and mounted collection vessel with hemi lid, compound gauge, dual sight glasses, 1/4″ vapor valve, 3/8″ liquid transfer valve and true 1/2″ recovery valve. Remove your BHO from the bottom of the collection vessel through a 1/2″ exit port and a 3/8″ exit valve
– 1/4″ , 3/8″ and 1/2″ Stainless hoses
– 125cf Nitrogen tank full and nitrogen regulator
– Nitrogen tank is secured to the rack and up off the ground thanks to your exclusive nitrogen tank support and  nitrogen shelf
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plant extraction, plant processing, essential oil extraction, Medical Laboratory

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This item includes a 125cf nitrogen tank full and nitrogen regulator


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