3lb. Closed Loop Extractor Botanical Oil Extraction Glacier Tanks Top Fill


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3lb. Closed Loop Extractor Oil Extraction Unit Glacier Tanks

This item is the complete column and collection unit. All items in photo are included with the unit.  The is used and in very good condition made of SS304 stainless steel. 95% of the parts are from Glacier Tanks and the 5% are 710 SNOB both reputable companies for extraction machines. I am discounting the unit significantly with and MSRP of $5,499 to a starting bid of $2,500. Item is in great condition the only blemish is on the bottom collection bowl valued at $375 to replace, bottom bowl is usable with the blemish. Please look at photos. I am discounting the item a significant amount to allow the buyer to be able to replace this part if they choose to do so from Glacier Tanks after the auction. I am providing (2) bonus 3/8″ hoses, one to fill from a 20 gallon or larger standard butane tank w/conversion to 3/8″ and one Vortech 3/8″ hose with shut off on each end to prevent air from getting in system. 
Itemized list of components:
(1) 36″x4″ sleeved column for optimal temperature control and efficiency
(1) 12″x12″ collection tank with handles 
(1) high pressure extraction lid 12″ with (2) 1.5″ SS304 w/ (2) 1.5″ SGPV (2) FNPT 1/4″ (1) FNPT 3/8″
(1) shower head top
(1) bottom cone 
(1) 1.5″ ball valve
(1) 12″ high pressure clamp 
(2) 4″ high pressure clamps
(3) 1.5″ high pressure clamps
(2) 4″ Buna N high pressure gaskets
(3) 1.5″ Buna N high pressure gaskets
(1) 100 mesh fine mesh gasket
(1) 1.5″ clamp valve to 3/8″ hose attachment
(2) 1.5″ high pressure sight glasses for viewing collection
(1) 3/8″ high pressure valve with hose attachment
(2) bonus 3/8″ vacuum hoses
All High pressure bolts, and screws for the high pressure clamps are included with 2 extra bolts and nuts for back up. 

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