6′ x 1/2″ FJIC SS 304 Braided, PTFE Lined Hose for Closed Loop Extractors


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6′ by 1/2″ SAE FJIC PTFE Lined Braided SS304 Hose for Closed Loop Oil Extractors

These general purpose Teflon hoses are the most commonly utilized Tightflex hoses throughout industrial workplaces. They are currently used in incredibly diverse industrial settings such as chemical transferring, food processing and essential oil extractions.

This type of hose has a smooth inner core of extruded white Teflon resin with a 304 stainless steel braided wire reinforcement. 

With the Teflon lining, and braided stainless wire surrounding the Teflon, this makes for a very flexible hose, removing the need to change out your hoses when switching between columns on your oil extractors.

Sizes through 5/8″ I.D. are rated for a full vacuum, making this hose perfect for all your essential oil extraction needs.

Temperature Range:          

For continuous use, this hose can be used with temperatures ranging from -60° F (-54° C) to 450° F (260° C).

For intermittent use, the temperature range is between -100° F (-73° C) to 500° F (260° C). 

This hose meets the requirements of SAE 100R14, and is accepted by the U.S. Coast guard.

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