Alphatek 10-15Lb Closed Loop Extractor Rack Mounted Processing BHO


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Rack mounted Extractors with 2x 5Lb material columns, designed to run simultaneously or can be ran with just one for smaller batches.

Easy to use and extremely efficient design, includes 2x Stainless Steel 50lb Solvent tanks allowing you to soak both columns at the same time and recover. 

Unit sits on a extra heavy duty high quality stainless steel rack with medical grade Wheels/brakes. No Cheap Straps, Columns and Collection come with heavy duty welded mounts that slide onto rack to insure a tight safe fit that will last!

Duel hemispheric Material Columns 6”x36” with two polycarbonate sight glass and compound gauge on each column, optional Nitrogen assist port build in. Columns are open jacketed so no need for chiller. “closed jacket avail ”

12”x22” Collection vessel with hemispheric lid. Closed jacket for warm water circulation, compound gauge and two polycarbonate sight glass.

2x 50LB Stainless Steel Solvent tanks offer a superior way to decrease contamination of solvent and feature a tri-clamp lid with a high-pressure clamp. This allows easy access to the inside of the tank, making cleanout simple, unlike a normal carbon steel LP tanks. Tanks feature a safety collar to prevent damage to the valves, as well as a welded ring on the bottom to prevent damage to the tank body and allow better circulation of fluid around the entire tank. Lids come configured with 2 valves and compound gauge and polycarbonate sight glass

All Valves, Hoses, gaskets, high pressure clamps, and fittings are included with the system.

This is a base setup, if you would like to add CRC or a molecular sieve just let us know! Many sizes and configurations in stock.

Arrives Fully Assembled!

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Alphatek 10-15Lb


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