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Brand New Closed Loop Extractor,Extractor Pressurized Extractor Kit Used to Extract from Plant Leaves Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber/Tube 90 Gram with Tripod

Manufacturer model: HNZXIB003

  • Sufficient capacity: 90g capacity (volume after compressing the material) double-layer stainless steel tube.
  • Upgrade configuration: This product has upgraded the valve, using food-grade stainless steel ball valve, which is more robust and pressure resistant. An additional vacuum gauge is convenient for you to observe the vacuum degree of the reaction. The upgraded detachable tripod bracket is convenient for you to adopt any fixing method.
  • Additional accessories: We provide additional 2*150 micron filter, 3* gasket, 1* sealing tape, 1* silicone pad for this vacuum chamber kit. I don't want my users to worry about the purchase of these small accessories.
  • Material: 304 food grade stainless steel, easy to clean and easy to make, and will never pollute the raw materials.
  • Warranty policy: 1 year warranty, excluding gaskets, filters and other accessories. Believe me, no matter what product problems arise, we will try our best to solve them for you.


Product list:

Stainless steel tripod x 1

Stainless steel ball valve X 2

90 g capacity vacuum tube X 1

Gasket with stainless steel screen (150 microns) X 2

Ordinary gasket X3



Closed extractor for vacuum impregnation of plants for extraction purposes.

Use only in a well-ventilated place, away from heat sources. Non-professionals do not use 304 stainless steel indoors. The inner and outer mirrors are polished, strong and easy to clean.

This product can be used for about 90 grams of material


Viton seal with 150 micron filter

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