Precision PX-2 Closed Loop butane/propane extractor with CMEP and -40 chiller


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Precision PX-2 Closed Loop hydrocarbon extractor complete with CMEP recovery pump and DLSB 10/40 chiller.  Chiller is 220V 10L capacity and will chill down to -40 degrees C, CMEP recovery pump is 110V and has newly rebuilt compressor installed.  Everything works great.  Included is a small vacuum pump for evacuating air from the system.

This is a professional, heavy duty extraction system that will process over 10 pounds of material in an 8 hour shift and produce Cup winning concentrates.  Perform in-line CRC just by adding your choice of adsorbant media below the dewax/expansion section.  
Extra large hydrocarbon storage tank, use Butane, Propane or a combination.  Has nitrogen injection capability.
Prefer local pick-up but we can figure out shipping if needed.

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Extra column and reducer, CRC column, Swagelok valves

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With Gas drier, chiller, recovery pump and vacuum pump

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PX-2 Extractor

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United States

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