1lb 6″ SS 304 Hemispheric Dewaxing Closed Loop Extractor Recovery Tank, Hose


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1lb – 6″ Stainless Steel 304 Hemispheric Dewaxing Closed Loop Extractor AND Recovery Tank With Vapor, Liquid and Stainless Compound Gauge.  Splatter Platter, Hose, and Extra set of Gaskets.  Pressure / Vacuum Tested




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Items included and what
seperates us from what is out there.  

– Full 6″ Hemispheric Closed Loop
extractor (6″x14″) 
with a High Pressure Clamped Splatter Platter(6″x2″) SS 304
(Sealed,Pressure Tested @ 100psi for 48hrs. and Vacuum Tested @
-29.9inhg for 48hrs) – You can see the RectorSeal and PTFE Thread
Sealer.  Based On the tank being 6″x16″ essentially you can run 7.50lbs of solvant in this extractor.  Easily enough for 2lbs if you want to expand! 

– 6″x12″ Recovery Tank with Liquid port, Vapor Port and Built in Stainless Coumpound Gauge.  The gas tank is 6″x12″ which is capable of holding 6lbs of solvent at an 80% Fill. 

– Dual 1″ Built in and Welded
Sight Glass.  Thickest option available.  This makes recovery a
million times easier.  Literally you can see when all
the solvent is gone.  You can see the purge happening.   

– Stainless Coupound Gauge (Vacuum/Pressure) on the extractor and recovery tank

– 3″ shower head top cap for even distribution of solvent over you material.  Really helps with “channeling” 

– 3″x24″
Dewaxing stainless steel spool for material of choice. Most our compitors include a 3″x18″ spool which is really hard to fit 450g in.  With 3″x24″ you can easily fit 600g if you desire

– 3″ Inline Filter with Removable 100 mesh screen and Clip.   

– 72″ PTFE Lined
High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose with 1/4inch JIC 37 Degree Connections Rated
for 6000psi

– High Pressure
Tri-clamps for every single clamp.  Please if you decide not to buy from
me…Make sure all clamps above 1.5″ are High Pressure Clamps.

– Viton Tri-clamp Gaskets
throughout the system – 3 extra 6″ gaskets, 2x- 3″ 100 mesh screen gaskets,2x- 1.5″ 100 mesh screen gaskets and 1 extra 3″ non-screened gasket are included extra.  You will have an extra set for every single gasket. 

– All WOG(Water,Oil,Gas)
Stainless Steel Ball Valves included rated at 1000 psi.  Including the 3 Piece 1.5″ Ball Valve. 

– 100 mesh 316L Stainless
Steel Tri clamp gaskets are the right mesh for this application. 

Literally every option
was thought out in this system.  Please if you have any question, feel
free to ask.  We have been threw a ton of suppliers and samples to bring
an affordable closed loop extractor which can be contracted if wanted to run
smaller runs and expanded if you want to run bigger runs.

I have other spools if
youd like to substitute for a small quantity or if youd like to buy
an extra to do sample runs!  I have a ton of parts here that i just dont have time to list on ebay.  Please if youd like something custom or you dont see in my store.  Dont hesitate to contact me. 

Please look at my
feedback as a seller.  Im not some business here to make a huge profit.
 Im just a normal guy that sells a few things here and there to help make ends meet.  Id rather explain every single detail and exceed my
customers exceptions then leave anything to question and disappoint
at the end.  I ship as soon as i can usually within 24 hrs in most cases.
 Ive been a trusted member of ebay for over 15 years now.  Please if
you have any questions….need more pictures….want a custom order…..Please
feel free to contact me.  I have the ebay app on my phone and will answer
all messages in a timely manner.  

Thank you for looking
and have a great day.  


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