3″x24″ Tri Clamp Dewaxing Jacketed Spool Closed Loop Extractor SS304


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This is a 3″x24″  Tri-Clamp Dewaxing Jacketed Spool. It is intended to have dry ice put into the sleeve to chill the material inside the column.


Tri-Clamp Size 3″
Material 304 Stainless Steel 
Standard 3A High Polish
Sleeve OD 5.000″
Spool ID 2.870″
Spool OD 3.000″
Flange OD 3.579″
Bead Center 3.281″
Drain Port 1/4″ Stainless Plug


  • OD = Outer Dimension
  • ID = Inner Dimension

Disclaimer to Customer: User assumes all
responsibility and risks of the system for all Stainless Steel Parts
bought separately to piece together a Closed Loop, Closed Column, or
Open Blast Extractors. tomer assistance on how to run your system,
technical help or a guarantee of the system being tested.

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