Portable Butane Detecting Alarm (C4H10)


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(1) Portable Butane Detecting Alarm

(c4h10) BUTANE


charging dock,

calibration mask,


and carrying case.


This is a must have item for all
Butane extractors. Just another item to make you feel a little bit safer
using your closed loop extractor or open blasting tubes.


Still use common since while blasting outdoors.

 This portable C4H10 Butane Detector alarm will sound if the level of
butane exceeds the user set sensitivity level.
This handheld device is
intrinsically safe and explosion-proof by using a Hot catalytic
high-performance sensor.
This Unit  is rechargeable and the 1500mA
battery can last for up to 12 hours of continues use.
 The fully
adjustable alarm point will sound the 75dB alarm to ensure you hear it.

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Can be used with open blasting and closed loop system, vector butane , clipper or anything you want to  use, Butane, essential oil, extractor, Honey bee,

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