1LB / 450G Closed Loop Essential Oil extractor


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We have been in the extraction business for over 7 years, not just a China importer like all the other eBay company’s.

This is what we do, we have full run videos on YouTube and we do consultations as well.

6″ x 10 collection 

3” x24”  1 lb or 450g column, 

1.5” high pressure clamp

2x 3” high pressure Clamps

2x 6” high pressure Clamps

6”x3” removable bottom platter (shatter platter)

6” tri clamp lid with 2 sight windows

3” shower ball top cap for even liquid dispersion 

all viton gaskets,

1000 psi Valves x2 

1x Swagelok pressure  gauge 
1 x stainless braided ptfe  Hose to connect Extractor to tank. (Made in USA)

Yellow tank not included


 Dimensions (Inches): 40″ x 7″ Diameter overall size 

Weight: 32 lbs.
 Operating Temperature Range: -60 to 120f

Ultimate Vacuum: as low as 10 Microns Base unit Construction:

 All components made of 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless

 Intake Fittings: ” JIC

 Max pressure 100psi 

Max Vacuum -29.9inHg 

High Polish Interior base

Closed Loop Passive Extractor for Botanicals, Essential Oils 

Made of solid Polished 304 stainless steel

For legal uses only

Ready to rock passive, you just need material and tane

FOr active user just need another line and PUMP,

For more info look up 710 Snob extractors 

A material column with a dry ice sleeve is not a true dewax, this is a chilled material column. If you use an injection coil or secondary dewax this will be a true separation of the fats and lipids. We sell on eBay tru in-line dewax Systems. We also sell all the finish items needed , ovens , short path, freezers, we also have showrooms across the USA . 

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