800G Closed Loop Extractor With Recovery. High Quality Build In USA.


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All Alphatek Extractors are Assembled here in Florida. All Welding is done in house by our Certified Master Welder. Alphatek Products are build of the highest Quality with Safety being our main focus. Our Extractors are designed to eliminate as many gaskets and clamps as possible. Aside from having to replace these expensive parts constantly, each one is a potential weak point in the system . Metal expands and contracts, especially going from dry ice to a warm bath when chasing your solvent. This is when Gaskets are most prone to blowing or clamps coming loose when removing your collection from the dry ice.

Alphatek M2 Closed Loop Extractor Includes

-6″ x 16″ Collection Vessel Single Clamp Design Welded Lid to simplify disassembly, cleaning, and need for extra expensive Clamps and Gaskets. Collection Vessel designed to hold up to 7.5lbs of Solvent

-6″ x 14″ Recovery Tank Fully Welded, NO Clamps or Gaskets. Comes with 2″ screw on welded Sight Glass. Dual 1/4″ Recovery ports on both Collection and Recovery. This means you can hook up two Hoses form your Collection to Recover your solvent twice as fast.

-3″ x 24″ Dewaxing Open Jacketed Material Column. Can hold up to 800G of Dry Material or up to 2,500G+ of Live Material. Columns are designed to be packed very tight, With Machine trim you can exceed these load weights . Hand Trim will require you to really pack the material down to achieve these weights.

-3″ Inline Filter Plate with removable 100Mesh Screen and steel clip

-3″ Shower Head Cap for even distribution of Solvent throughout the material column

-Stainless Steel Compound Gauge

-2x 36″ PTFE Lined High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose with 1/4″ JIC 37 degree Connection rated for 6000psi

-3pc 1.5″ WOG Stainless Steel Ball Valve

-1.5″ Inline Sight Glass to monitor Flow

-2x 1.5″ Inline Sight Glass

-2″ Sight Glass

-All Tri-Clamps and Viton Gaskets+ Extra set of Gaskets

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