10LB Active Closed Loop Extractor – Complete Active Extraction System


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10LB Rack Mounted  Complete Active Extraction System 

-10LB Rack Mounted Extraction system
-TRS-21 Spark Proof Refrigerant Recovery Pump
-DLSB 5/10 Heater/Chiller for heated recovery assistance
-100LB Capacity Mastercool Solvent Tank
-All hoses and hardware to assemble and operate

– Sauce Server to easily remove extracts
– Jacketed Dewaxing column  for dry ice
– Jacketed base for faster recovery
– Includes hardware for active recovery ( Cooling coil/ Molecular sieve)
– Bi directional solvent flow helps avoid solvent channeling in the material column
– Heavy duty welded stainless steel rack
– High pressure top view sight glass for solvent monitoring
– Includes all clamps, gaskets and hoses needed for operation
Shipment will be delivered via Freight shipment with 3-7 days handling time.
Discount available for local pick-up

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