Alphatek 15-20Lb Closed Loop Extractor Rack Mounted Processing BHO


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This setup will require a Circulator/Chiller! Just let us know if you need one, several sizes in stock 

Alphatek 15-20Lb Rack mounted Extractors comes with two material columns, designed to run simultaneously or can be ran with just one at a time for smaller batches. 

150L Stainless Steel Solvent tank, Fully Jacketed offer a superior way to decrease contamination of solvent and feature a tri-clamp lid with a high-pressure clamp. This allows easy access to the inside of the tank, making cleanout simple, unlike a normal carbon steel LP tanks. 

Tanks feature a safety collar to prevent damage to the valves, as well as a welded ring on the bottom to prevent damage to the tank body and allow better circulation of fluid around the entire tank. Lids come configured with 2 valves and compound gauge and 

Dual polycarbonate sight glass and Condenser coil.

Unit sits on a extra heavy duty high quality stainless steel rack with medical grade Wheels/brakes. No Cheap Straps, Columns and Collection come with heavy duty welded mounts that slide onto rack to insure a tight safe fit that will last!

All Valves, Hoses, gaskets, high pressure clamps, and fittings are included with the system.

Nitrogen Assist Ready!

If you need a Molecular Sieve or CRC kit added to your system, let us know! We have all sizes in stock


Arrives Fully Assembled!

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